Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Daddy Don't Know - MC Doughboy X Solomon Stark Official Music Video (2/3 MTV trilogy)


A short film that deals with decisions made and secrets kept under the pressure of gun-fires, loud music, flashing lights and crowd screams. 

Mon Confiado plays a conflicted character that runs in collision with MC Doughboy as they unknowingly engage in the battle for affection of Princess Antonio Sosa. 

Three people can keep a secret...only if two of them are dead.

A screenplay wriiten by Lando Lande and the direction of up and coming young Director Daryl Piedad, This MTV Trilogy is another push to the barriers of the so called limits of creative imagination that only GLH can deliver.

This Track - EazyBeatz (Official Music Video)

is a beef brewing? i don't think so realidad lang.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Wag Susuko -Q-York feat. Ebe Dancel [Official Music Video] - Vote for the Music Video!
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3) Type: "Wag Susuko - Q-York, Ebe Dancel"
4) Click Vote!

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everytime i hear Q-york i know im listening into something positive and good
and this one is no exception. 

Urbat Catwalk Event pictures

Almost forgot to upload it, since i upload it in my facebook page.
anyways eto na URBAN CATWALK Event pictures.

Legion of Bass cars

Angel Montana

Dwin of Juan Rhyme

Jheyzee Manila All Star

Bebelabs Duo

Urban Catwalk Host
Diana Soto Dayao and Mc Doughboy

Mista Blaze and Miss Jaya

Models of Urban Catwalk

Ator "Bhon" Smoke

the very talented Microphone Mechanics

Blaze N Kane

Mo Thugs Philippine Chapter

Dj Ize & DJ Fully loaded

not complete but it is the head of this event 
sir Bleed & Jozza

Denial the rice Cracker

Bleed tapes

Slick n Sly Kane

Mista Blaze


Bonafide Lyricist

having awards

i have some videos here as well but i can't upload em yet.
will there be any Urban Catwalk next year? we will soon find that out.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Rap Sessions: Pio with Flict-G

That message of Flict-G sa mga nakikiusong hiphop at dahil naging rapper na lahat
it's a dope track, plus that Pio and Flict G freestyle exchanges in the end
very clever. ASTIG Listen...

Rap Sessions: Pio with Juan Thugs

Ilang beses ko ng inulit ulit tong video na to di parin ako nagsasawa, it's raw
that Classic Momay track, that personal favorite "Bakit ngayon ka lang"
and that bonus on the end yeah i love this one.

Say Something - Zikk

isang concept na storytelling song..inupload ko na to kanina pero nabura kaya inupload ko na lang ulet. lol. kinggan nyo na lang at pakikalat na din kung trip nyo lang..salamat! sensya na din sa mga na-tag. gusto ko lang madinig! salamat!
Posted by Zikk Del Rosario on Wednesday, March 11, 2015