Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Throwback Soundrip: Miss Tindera - H-Bom

Kung iisipin mo ngayon, mababaw nalang ang mga ganitong tema ng kanta
specially sa Rap, and since maraming ng magaling ngayon at syempre
natutututo ang mga tao, but way back is was one of my personal favorite, 
that catchy tunes, lines and story na makakarelate halos lahat even those who are not a rap fan
which makes a track like this so good. everytime i listen this song, i still sing it with it
yeah i memorized it.

Kingless Kingdom

shirts and goodies that is made in someone's backyard,
check samples below:

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Maria Ozawa is in the Philippines (unrelated isshhh)

so a girl named Maria Ozawa is making a buzz in facebook lately,
like i know anything about her,
heck i don't even care about this lady
so whats with the fuzz? HAHAHAHAHA

real men know why... and since im a guy, yes i do too...
anyways no link here about her visit so Google her up,
careful with the pop up's though, and don't share her with
your parent around.

L.Y.F.E. - Cho$en Few x Angeli Dahab

Published on Apr 23, 2015
2015, a new Hip-Hop sensation is born... Introducing, the Cho$en Few: Johnny Esta (London,UK) & Ca$iano (Oslo, Norway).
MP3 Download:

We would like to thank all our listeners & followers in being part of this new journey. We are forever grateful for all your support!

Live Young F*ck Everybody
Produced by Flashbeats
Flipcore Records, 2015

Track Mixed and Mastered by Johnny Esta & Kristian Sagmyr
Sound Engineering by Johnny Esta & Kristian Sagmyr

Music Video produced by Flipcore Studios

Edited and Colorized by Johnny Esta

Cinematography by Johnny Esta, Kristian Casiano, Joshua Manabat, Pj Ong, Jim Ragudo

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speaking of BIKE WARS this year theme song is GET YOUR RIDE ON 


poster says it all...

Dank Puffs ft. Loonie and Ron Henley - Maria Juana (Official Music Video)

last year, but my first time to see the video anyare sakin. o well
it's never to late to share :D